Corporate Program

South Florida Hypnosis Corporate Program

Drive Change, Boost Productivity and Increase Innovation Through This Results-Based Program 

South Florida Hypnosis Corporate Program

To stay competitive, organizations must constantly strive for innovative ways to find new employees and retain their current staff. Keeping top talent has remained critical for businesses for centuries. Long-term employees earn the company a higher profit due to their experience and the decreased turnover lowers labor costs. 

Unfortunately, many programs like health care, pension plans and raises are expensive to implement. Employees need an incentive to continue working at a company, so employers must find a way to add strategic benefits for the employee that are mutually beneficial for the organization. 

Hypnosis is one of the keyways that companies can improve their bottom line. We offer group and private sessions on topics like losing weight, quitting smoking, developing motivation, ending an addiction, and promoting a positive attitude. While offering these sessions to employees will improve morale, the end results can also be positive for the business. Losing weight, quitting smoking and similar sessions can help to lower the cost of healthcare for the employer. Other sessions on topics like motivation and attitude can directly impact the morale and productivity of the employees. 

What Is the Return on Investment for Employers? 

In 2001, the American Institute of Stress showed that American companies were losing about $300 billion a year due to employee turnover, lost productivity, low morale, and absenteeism. This does not even account for the lost earnings due to on-the-job stress.

According to the Washington Business Group in Health, companies lost $12 billion from higher absenteeism and healthcare costs because of overweight workers. Meanwhile, the Office of Technology Assessment released a finding in 1990 that smoking caused $47 billion in costs from premature mortality and physical disabilities. Since these findings were released, the costs have only increased. 

To cut costs, employers must work to lower absenteeism and productivity problems caused by health issues, stress, smoking and other ailments. Recent research from Gallup shows that there is a connection between employees being engaged at work and customers feeling engaged. In essence, employees must be able to change, learn and grow to meet the varying needs of the customer. 

Stress: Work-related causes are the main source of stress in the United States, and 80 percent of workers feel stress while they are at work. Over time, stress can lead to psychological issues and physical disorders if it is not managed properly. All these factors serve to decrease the employer’s bottom line.

Smoking: A smoker costs a business an average of $2,500 more for facility costs, productivity, insurance costs and absenteeism. In addition, the consulting firm, Human Resources, showed that smokers cost businesses 25 percent more than non-smokers in the average year. This group of individuals has a 15 percent increased disability rate and are 50 percent more likely to enter a hospital for health problems. 

Obesity: The Stress Institute classifies 66 percent of adults as obese or overweight. This ends up costing an extra $1,492 annually according to research from 2005. 

As a result of these factors, employers can lower their costs and boost revenues significantly by dealing with stress in the workplace. Beyond just handling stress, empowering employees to quit smoking, lose weight and live balanced lifestyles can help employers to earn more. Meanwhile, employees feel more appreciated and are better engaged in the workplace. Hypnosis can help alleviate all these factors that lead to higher costs for employers by helping employees to live a healthier, more balanced life.